5 Dirty Secrets Web Designers Don’t Want You To Know

January 22, 2021

1. They Have No Marketing/Sales Experience - Building a  website is no longer a job for just a “designer”..

This is one of the most important questions you must ask before paying someone to build your website. Building a website is NOT just a job for a ‘designer’. A website is a marketing/advertising/sales channel and should be built by someone that understands what it takes to convert site visitors into paying customers.

Otherwise your business website will end up looking like a college portfolio website.

If you take the time to find a qualified site builder, you will reap the benefits for years to come.

2. They Use Generic Templates - Consumers can spot a template design from a mile away..

There are a million reasons why you should NEVER use a website template. They are slow, easy to hack, horrible for SEO and look as vanilla as you can get. It is a common practice of web designers to use templates to save time and pump out web projects as quickly as possible.

Perhaps one of the most detrimental parts of this practice is these sites are not built for conversion. This means that when people land on your website, they rarely take action to become a customer or even a lead for that matter.

This is not okay. Your business should be treated on an individual basis and your website should be built according to the specific needs of your market. Make sure that you are getting a completely custom website built from the ground up.

3. They Don’t Understand SEO - If your website is not built with SEO in mind, it is virtually worthless.. 

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” search results on search engines. Search Engines, like Google, use a complex algorithm to determine the quality and relevance of all websites. This ensures that when you go online to search for something, you will be taken to a website that can accurately answer your query.

One of the most important parts of successful SEO is properly setting up your website from the start. If done incorrectly, this can make ranking in Google nearly impossible and can cost you thousands of extra dollars in the long run if you decide to pay an SEO company to increase your Google ranking.

4. They Don’t Offer a Content Management Service - Don’t let them charge you every time you want to update YOUR website.. 

Building a website IS NOT a one-time event that you can set and forget. Your website content should be updated on a regular basis and web designers love to take advantage of this.

In fact, this is the #1 way website designers hook you in to extra fees. Content Management Services give you the ability to easily access your site and add/update the content on your own without having to go through your designer.

If no CMS is offered, you will have to pay your web designer each time you want to make changes or updates to your site. This means you will either pay way too much to make updates or you will avoid updating your site all together to save money. Either way your website will become a liability.

Surprisingly, very few web designers offer CMS and this is something that you MUST ask before you ever pay to have a website built.

5. They Make You Think a Website is a COST Instead of an INVESTMENT - Your website should be an investment that pays for itself 1000x over.

Designers want you to think of your website as a cost rather than an investment. They are selling you on the overall beauty and usability of a website rather than it’s performance. This way they can “wow” you with cheap prices and quick turnover.

It doesn’t matter how cheap or fast they can build your website… The true question is, How much money will it make your business?

It’s important for you to understand that your website is the main salesman of your business. Paying and training a good sales person is not a cost but an investment. If you can give that salesman the tools he/she needs, they will make you far more money in the long run then you had to spend on them in the first place.

So, when looking for a website, don’t look for the cheapest website in town. Rather look for a team that can create a sales-driven website that will actually perform.

Once you find this team, invest real money into a website that can 1000X your investment.

Final Thoughts

All of that being said, one of the most important parts of this decision is choosing a web consultant that you can trust. Check references, ask to see results, and share your vision with all potential consultants to make sure you can get the most out of your new website. Your business is unique, and your website should be too.

If you have any questions for me about finding/choosing a professional to build your new business website, feel free to shoot me an email at connect@radwebsolutions.com. I am here to help!

Talk soon!

- Chad Simpson